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The Long Beach Post built this space because we saw a need during this difficult time to give neighborhoods in our community a way to self-organize. We built this in about 3 days; as such, things are certain to change, there may be bugs, and there may be features you wish were available that aren’t yet.


To post, first create a username and password by clicking “Login / Register” on the top right of this page. You’ll need to verify your email address before you can post.

If you look on the right of this page on desktop, or on the mobile menu at the top left if you’re on a mobile device, you’ll see some categories. Please mark your posts with the appropriate category to help keep this place organized.

Below that, you’ll see a list of neighborhoods. Some are active, some are marked as [UNCLAIMED]. The idea is to connect neighbors in need with those who can help, so if your neighborhood is active, that will be where most of your posts should go, though anyone is welcome to post in //Citywide with general topics or requests.

If you’re posting a request for help either in a neighborhood or in //Citywide, start your post with [NEED]. If you’re offering help, start your post with [ABLE TO HELP].

You may post to more than one neighborhood (such as if you are a business and your service area extends beyond your immediate neighborhood), but please do not spam.


If your neighborhood is unclaimed, and you wish to become a neighborhood leader, you may click to create your neighborhood’s forum.

Click on the neighborhood you wish to claim and you’ll be taken to our Moderator agreement. You can also create a custom neighborhood for your street, building, complexblock, organization, school, church or other community. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click +Create a new community. Be sure to come up with a unique name for your group!

Neighborhood leaders will be given Moderator status, which means we’ll be expecting you to help keep your neighborhood’s forum on topic, constructive, civil and free form toxicity.

You’ll also be expected to maintain an active presence in your neighborhood forum, such as helping to connect those who are able to help with those in need.

As a Moderator, you have the ability to sticky threads you feel are important or evergreen, such as lists of resources or neighborhood-specific rules you create.

You can also delete replies to threads or entire threads if you feel they are abusive, harmful, toxic or against our terms of use, or if you feel they are too far off topic.

Download this flyer template you can fill out and leave on your neighbor’s doors to let them know you’ve started a forum for your community. If you don’t have access to a printer right now, enlist some helpers and re-create it with paper and markers!

When you create a new neighborhood, please create a sticky post (like this one) in your new neighborhood forum introducing yourself as the volunteer neighborhood point person and moderator of your forum.


Here are some things we’re working on for future versions of this site. This is not a guarantee of when or if these features will be implemented, just a list of ideas: For users:

  • The ability to mark your post as “urgent” or “important”.
  • The ability to cross-post between more than one neighborhood
  • The ability to tag other users, topics and neighborhoods

For moderators (in the meantime, please email [email protected]):

  • The ability to ban users who break the rules repeatedly
  • The ability to add new categories to your neighborhood

Let me know in the thread below if you have any other ideas to make this tool more useful to you and your community, or if you any questions, comments or concerns.

In the meantime, take care of yourself, and each other.

— Dennis
Director of Product, Long Beach Post

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